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Our Publications

Curbing Unfair Drug Prices: A Primer for States (2017)

Reform To Transform Policy Briefs (2015)

Changing Hospital Landscape in Connecticut (2014)

Connecticut Health Care Survey 2014

Enrollment in Connecticut (2014)

ACA: Did You Know It Helps You? (2013)

Access Health CT (2013)

Adoption of the Medical Home in Connecticut (2010)

Examining Tobacco Use, Consequences and Policies in Connecticut: Smoke and Mirrors? (2010)

Overweight and Obesity in Connecticut: Precursors, Policies and Possibilities (2010)

Connecticut 2009 Primary Care Survey: Physician Satisfaction, Physician Supply and Patient Access to Medical Care (2009)

Sustinet: Health Care We Can Count On, A Public Option for Connecticut (2009)

SustiNet by The Numbers: Projections of Cost, Coverage, and Economic Impact (2009)

CT Physician Workforce Survey 2008

About the Economic and Social Research Institute (2007)

Attitudes Towards Health Care Reform in CT (2007)

Health Coverage in CT: The Costs and Benefits of Major Reform (2007)

CT Crisis Faces of a Broken Health Care System (2006)

Health Care in CT: Sounding The Alarm (2006)

Latino Health In CT (2006)

Mapping Health Spending and Insurance Coverage in CT (2006)

Research Brief: The Real Cost of Living and Getting Healthcare in CT (2006)

Small Business Health Care Network Survey 2006

Interfaith Dialogue on Universal Health Care (2005)

La Salud Universal: Un Diálogo Entre las Comunidades de Fe (2005)

Affordable Health Insurance for Small Businesses (2004)

UNINSURED: The Costs and Consequences of Living without Health Insurance in Connecticut (2004)

Health Spending, Coverage and the Uninsured in Connecticut (2002)

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